AI for Human Interaction and Group Process

AI Human InteractionThis advanced workshop builds on the AI Foundations and applies AI to a T-group model.

Achieving personal and organizational success is a strength learned from positive and effective interactions with others – as well as from a clear understanding of how groups form and evolve. Learn how to enhance your interactions by gaining a clear and practical understanding of how groups form, work together and evolve as well as how to gain the skills for working with different communication styles from an AI perspective to increase your personal and professional effectiveness. Developing a deep understanding of AI and applying AI principles real time in daily interactions during this intensive workshop gives you the foundation for personal and professional success. The workshop opens new channels of communication and personal insight by identifying and building on your strengths.

Participating in this workshop:

  • Gives you a solid foundation for understanding the theory and processes of group development
  • Increases your personal and group effectiveness in a diverse, multicultural environment
  • Generates the capacity to give and receive feedback in a supportive and generative way
  • Improves your ability to understand your own strengths and those of others
  • Enables you, as a group member, to heighten your awareness of the impact of your behaviour and patterns of response within the group and to experiment with new behaviour if desired
  • Generates a deeper understanding of group development and group dynamics through a social constructionist perspective.

This will be organised in accordance with demand.