After each workshop we have asked the participants: How would you describe this workshop to a colleague or friend? What participants have answered to after completing the Foundations course:

“Worth travelling a long way for!”

– Clare, New Zealand, 2010

A most wonderful journey of discovery, appreciation, connection and fun. Deep insights into AI balanced with practical experience and planning.”

– Urvi, 2011

“The course was an incredibly enriching learning experience. It has changed the way I look at organizational and personal development and change. I will definitely recommend the course to all of my fellow practitioners.”

– Patrick, 2011

“Uplifting, energising and a fantastic experience that has impacted how I approach my work but also when coaching myself in all aspects of my life.”

– Nadia, 2013

“The thing that stands out the most is the fact that I was in a group where I was really able to get beyond my own perspective.”

– Elizabeth, 2005

“Highly engaging and energizing. Also complete in terms theory and practice.”

– Fadi, 2012

“Interactive, emotional, experiential learning, exhausting, you leave with a more ‘appreciative lens'”

– Marie, 2014

“The workshop presented a new perspective on dealing with change opportunities. The workshop enabled you to live the experience of a strengths-based positive approach to dealing with life’s issues, which results in a win-win situation. It was totally self-empowering experience.”

– John, 2012.

“Fantastic, inspiring, excellent value, essential for the organisation. The best training course you will ever go on.”

– Sherry, 2008.

“Thought provoking, useful, challenging, supportive, totally immersing, affirmative, great company, a deep and profound learning journey.”

– Paul, 2008

“For such a big learning experience it feels so laid back “not intense and scary like some training.”

– Helen, 2009