Barbara Sloan


Barbara Sloan is President of Sloan Dialogs, LLC, an internationally recognized consultancy specializing in change, strategic planning, executive coaching and team building. She facilitates high quality dialogue among people and groups to spark creativity, establish understanding, and forge alliances – to realize the capacity for full collaboration.

She designs and facilitates meetings that bring together stakeholders with very different needs who, after working together for two to five days, reach an unprecedented level of agreement and establish a newly collaborative way or working together.

Barbara also specializes in providing customized coaching for executives aimed at helping organizations improve results by maximizing the performance of key individuals. Her clients tap into their deep aspirations and strengths, expand their awareness of the impact of their leadership on others, and increase their effectiveness through open and genuine dialog with their colleagues, staff and other stakeholders – creating strong relationships, alignment and commitment to shared dreams.

The philosophy and approach that guide her work is called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The energy and enthusiasm generated through this process fuels real and practical change in individuals, teams and whole organizations. She is a pioneer in the use of AI for whole system change efforts and in coaching. She offered pre-conference sessions on AI Coaching at the International Conferences on Appreciative Inquiry in 2001 and 2005 and has developed the first training course in AI Coaching which is offered through NTL Institute in the US and the Lincoln Workshop Series in the UK.

Barbara has over 30 years of experience and her clients include profit, non-profit, public and private sector organizations. This work has taken place in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East Her previous positions include Director of the NTL Institute for Organizational Change (NTL) and Policy Analyst, Senior Consultant in management development and Manger of Career Development at the World Bank. She is presently on assignment in Bahrain with Zain, a telecom company providing wireless phone and data services in much of the Middle East and Africa.

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