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The Lincoln Workshop Series

The Lincoln Workshop Series is a centre for excellence. We take pride in our association with the NTL Institute for Applied Human Behavioural Science, Case Western University and the Taos Institute in the USA, where Appreciative Inquiry was developed. We abide by the high standards set by the NTL Institute. All trainers in our workshops are either members or associates of NTL and have been trained at NTL. In line with the ethos of NTL our courses are taught combining theory and philosophy, and experiential learning. As well, The Lincoln Series courses apply toward the requirements for the NTL Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program.

All Lincoln Workshop Series courses immerse participants in the practice of enabling clients to identify what gives life to their systems in ways that create agile, adaptive and creative organizations. These programs teach the use of AI as a process for change in human systems, and adds the development of skills that will increase understanding of the use of self as an agent of change, enhance contracting skills, and develop capacity to utilize experiential learning as a process for fostering creativity. This combination produces change agents with the capacity for excellence in all the required functions of a master change agent!

The lead trainers in the Lincoln Workshop Series have been involved with the development and practice of Appreciative Inquiry for a minimum of 15 years. They were among a group of 22 Founders of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, an organisation that is committed to advancing work of significant and enduring consequence through the development of people and organisations that lead organisations, industries, and individuals that are working in a positively correlated way toward a world future of: (1) prosperous and sustainable economic development; (2) human and ecological well-being; and (3) an awakening to a set of higher values (emerging global ethics) that are able to inspire human action in the service of the widest possible goal.

The Lincoln Workshop Series is an international and multicultural program, attracting participants from  Europe, Africa and Asia as well as the UK. Participants come from diverse backgrounds, such as individual OD consultants, HR managers, business leaders, NGO'S, national and local governments, development aid professionals and consultants, and many other fields.  Our experience is that rich and diverse groups widen the field of practice, enable cross-fertilisation, networking, and enhance the learning experience.

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